About Friendly Type.

This short video contains testimonials from people who have used Friendly Type for various applications. Enjoy!

Friendly Type is a more Enjoyable Way to Read.

Why? Because it works the way your eyes work.

The one and only rule to follow when reading in Friendly Type is to READ DOWN, cluster by cluster.

Friendly Type re-formats words into short clusters. You read the clusters down the page, rather than across. The shape of the clusters conform to the circular shape of your vision.

Friendly Type makes it easier for you to read each cluster with less eye movement, you will be less apt to lose your place and your eyes will be less tired. You will also avoid reading unrelated words from the line above or below.

Man Reading

Why You'll love Friendly Type:

Enhances Reading Experience

Friendly Type allows you to absorb and retain information more easily. Reading words in clusters makes it easier to feel the passion of the writer. Each cluster represents a "thought group," words that are closely related grammatically, usually to convey a single idea.

Improves Reading Comprehension

Friendly type enhances your comprehension while reading. When you are reading fiction or non-fiction, you are able to comprehend more points of the story because the short clusters allow you to understand each piece.

Several Applications and Uses

Friendly Type has many applications, from helping general readers, to enhancing speakers speeches, to allowing actors and actresses to memorize their lines more efficiently than with normal scripts and in less time. It has also been known to help readers with dyslexia, ADHD, beginning readers and those studying to learn the English language.

iPad with Friendly Type